Creations by a modern woman for the modern Woman

Named after the company's founder, CEO, and the Head of Design, Gosia Orlowska Designs has grown from strength to strength. Through hard work, gifted creativity and team work, the company has developed a collection of striking designer pieces which have received rave reviews, leading to orders from designer houses, famous international department stores, agents and even a famous international film festival!

Gosia's designs have been displayed around the world. By combining the best of Asian cultural craftsmanship and a strong sense of European flair.

Gosia Orlowska Designs is able to create a truly wondrous collection of bespoke jewellery, unique in every sense...just like the women who wear them.

Gosia Orlowska's self-directed expressions and interpretation of designs, her unmistakable style and multi-faceted creative ablilities have stood the test of time.

A one of a kind "Art Jewellery", designed to be worn by women with a strong sense of self belief, flair and uniqueness, yet still has fun and is always in tune with what she wants as a woman.

GOSIA ORLOWSKA DESIGNS...creations by a modern woman, for the modern woman.