About us


Urge2Buy is the trendy global boutique for your favorite products at prices you love.We are for Men,Women,kids-everyone! Yes urge2Buy is for trendy people globally.We showcase popular products or upcoming trendy ones from around the world.

While we are Singapore based,we cater to customers globally,pardon us if we don't ship to your location.

It takes about 2 weeks -4 weeks for the product to reach you.

We offer trendy, select merchandise sure to inspire you to enjoy this fast world we live on! We are the best online  boutique ! We serve many niches so if you are feeling preppy, we got you covered! If your mood is more boho or indie fashion, we have that covered too! We provide vibrant products and designs from across the globe,those which you may not find in your local stores.

Our list of designers changes all the time as we look for those that are trendy and meet your Urge2Buy need.
We want all of our customers to be happy with their purchase. We feel the same way when we shop. So feel free to send an email to us and gives some feedback. Anyway we can make your experience better then all the better.

We continue to build our collection,so keep shopping.All our prices are in US Dollars or equivalents as displayed.There may be slight conversion difference between your card provider and the price displayed.

Thanks for shopping.